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Whether you’re towing kids and pets or need to maximize your cargo space, vans are a great vehicle option. There is no doubt that you can haul around large items all at once, or transport passengers with fewer trips once you have a van of your own.

The van market is filled with a lot of models for different purposes. This can be a bit stressful to do. To help narrow down your choices, visit Auto Gallery Chevy GMC in LaGrange.

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What Is a Van?

Vans are built with a boxy design and a high roof to maximize the interior space. With less stylish features, car manufacturers prioritized the interior volume of the van for maximum cargo storage and seating capacity. Its doors slide on the side rather than swing is a noticeable difference in a van and a minivan.

Common uses of a Van

  • Used for produce delivery
  • Used for transporting passengers
  • Used for business establishments
  • Used as family vehicle
  • Used for special purposes (ambulance, fire truck, etc.)

Types of Vans

Small vans

  • Have a short wheel base (SWB) and great maneuverability.
  • Offer less in the way of cargo capacity.

Medium vans

  • Offer a good deal of storage space as well as a comfortable ride.
  • Camper vans, and medium panel vans are classified as medium vans.

Large vans

  • Have a long wheel base (LWB) and provide a smoother drive because of the longer space between the axles.

Pickup / 4×4

  • Pickup vans have an open-air cargo bed at the back behind the cab.

Combi / crew vans

  • Can be able to transport either people and/or cargo comfortably
  • Includes stowable seats to boost cargo space further

Minibus / MPV

  • Great for large families, can fit up to seven passenger seats, two of which should be able to fold flat to the floor.
  • This type of van should offer comfort and spaciousness.

Factors That Van Buyers Should Consider

Vehicle Performance

The overall vehicle performance weighs the most to consider. It should be powerful enough to drive with a full capacity of passengers plus a heavy cargo load.

Fuel Efficiency

Smaller engines usually has better fuel economy. But if you plan on visiting a lot of mountainous areas, you will need something bigger, or a turbo, to safely make it up and over mountain passes.

Towing Capacity

Towing capacity is always important to think about what your new van is going to be towing before making a commitment. It varies considerably depending on the size of the van you choose. Small vans typically have a towing capacity of around 1,200kg, while large vans can normally tow in the region of 3,000kg.

Passenger and Interior Space

Most vans feature seats for either seven or eight passengers with different seating configurations. This also allows more room for cargo space if there are less passengers. But with a full capacity of passengers, there is still a huge room for cargo to load in the van.

Safety and Technology

If you are buying a vehicle, regardless if it is a sedan or van, safety is not one to be compromised. Van are built with sturdy frames and as tough as a truck. As it is built for a more heavy duty use, car brands made sure to equip vans with the latest safety features as well as updated tech features.

Buying your Van at Auto Gallery Chevy GMC in LaGrange

There are a lot of van dealerships around the country. You will find your perfect match as soon as you visit Auto Gallery Chevy GMC in LaGrange.

Auto Gallery Chevy GMC in LaGrange has the most friendly staff that provides you with excellent customer service. They will help you figure out what van and financing term best suits you. Their team ensures that they are with you every step of the way. On top of that, Auto Gallery Chevy GMC in LaGrange has a wide selection of vans to choose from.


Van vs. Minivan: What’s the Difference?

Vans are usually used for commercial or cargo. Vans prioritize cargo space over comfort. While Minivans are intended for daily use for families. Unlike vans, minivans are tailored for comfort and seating capacity.

Why Aren’t Minivans Considered Cool?

SUVs are to blame why minivans are not considered cool. With the rise of SUVs, more drivers preferred the style and feel of SUVs more than Minivans.

Minivan vs. SUV: Which Should I Buy?

Minivans are built with spacious interiors and versatile seating. Its sliding doors ease ingress and egress, and lower ride heights aid handling. If your family is quite large, a minivan best suits you. SUVs on the other hand, provide a more stylish look with the same spacious interiors as a Minivan. SUVs tend to draw the eye more with a higher ride and can conquer tougher driving adventures.

Are Commercial Vans Better Than Trucks?

Vans are fully enclosed and therefore provide greater security than an open truck bed. Vans also offer more passenger seating capacity than a truck. However, if you are carrying large equipment and hauling around heavy items, trucks provide better towing power.

Are Minivans Safe?

Yes, Minivans are safe to drive. Depending on your usage, Minivans are a perfect vehicle for families and running errands.

Are There Hybrid Minivans?

Hybrid Minivans have made their way into the automotive market. Several brands have launched their own version of a Hybrid Minivan.