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If you ask a kid to draw a car, he will most likely draw a sedan. Sedans are a quite popular car type. Given its functionality and practicality, a sedan is your go-to car choice if you are prioritizing cabin comfort and will not need a large cargo capacity.

These popular sedans are available at Auto Gallery Chevy GMC in LaGrange. With different brands and styles to choose from, may it be a brand new car, or a used one, we have it all in store for you.

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What Is Sedan?

A sedan is a conventional passenger car in which the boot is separate from the passenger cabin. These cars are longer than four meters and can accommodate 4-5 passengers.

The word “sedan” can be found as far back as the 17th century, used in reference to an enclosed chair carried on poles. This unique mode of transportation was exclusive to the privileged ones who had the opportunity to enjoy luxurious treatment in France. This chair, carried on poles by two operators, was called the “sedan-chair.”

What Types of Sedan Are There?

Transversely Mounted Engines

Sedans with transversely mounted engines can be smaller vehicles with more passenger room compared to sedans with longitudinally mounted engines. Nowadays, transversely mounted engines seem to be the most prevalent on the market. Sedans with transversely mounted engines are usually equipped with a front-wheel-drive and an optional all-wheel-drive (AWD) system.

Longitudinally Mounted Engines

This is the kind of sedan form that many car enthusiasts know and enjoy best. Due to its design, this form does compromise the passenger compartment a bit. Still, it provides unique advantages like better weight distribution, less vibration, and more space to integrate larger engines. Sedans with longitudinally mounted engines often have a larger capacity and come in a rear-wheel-drive (RWD) configuration.

Two-Door Sedans

Two-door sedans were popular during World War II. It offered seating for five, with two doors (obviously) and separated compartments for the engine and the trunk.

Four-Door Coupe Sedans

Truth be told, four-door coupes aren’t really sedans, but more hatchbacks. Despite their sometimes sportier looks, a four-door coupe is of the classic two-box design.

What Sedan Buyers Should Consider


A Sedan can comfortably fit four people, and can squeeze in a fifth person. A larger model sedan is built with more head and legroom especially for rear-seat passengers.

Engines and Fuel Economy

Four-cylinder engines are generally more fuel-efficient than V6s, and some of the latest four-cylinder sedans balance fuel efficiency and power quite well. Many manufacturers have turned to combining turbocharging with four-cylinder engines to aid efficiency and acceleration. Keep in mind that some of these turbocharged cars and many upscale sedans require premium fuel.


This body style comes with a split rear seat design, so one part can be folded for cargo while still allowing someone to sit in the other part. Hatchbacks like these, though, can have a more restricted rear view, made worse by the heavily sloped slit of a rear window, thick back pillars and tapering rear side windows.

Safety and Advanced Driver Assistance Systems Technologies

Based on tests performed by the federal government and insurance industry, safety ratings include assessments of crash-avoidance capabilities and crash-test results. Forward collision warning (FCW), automatic emergency braking (AEB) with pedestrian detection, and blind spot warning (BSW) are crash avoidance technologies that should be standard on all vehicles. These should be on the next new or used model you buy.

Pros and Cons of Buying a Sedan

Pros of Buying a Sedan

  • More engine power makes for smoother drive
  • More leg room as sedans are longer than hatchbacks
  • Sedans make lesser noise

Cons of Buying a Sedan

  • Expensive to buy compared to hatchbacks
  • Less fuel efficient
  • Difficult to park

Choosing Between a New and a Used Sedan

Why Buy a Used Sedan?

Buying a used car can be more cost-efficient in the long run. The U.S. used-car market is about three times the size of the new-car market, so there are plenty of choices. A 2- to 3-year-old vehicle, possibly one that has been returned from a lease, has already taken its biggest depreciation hit and should have the majority of its useful life ahead of it. Modern sedans, if soundly maintained, can run for 200,000 miles or longer. Focus on reliability when selecting a good new or used car, even if the vehicle is still covered by its original factory warranty.

Why Buy a New Sedan?

Buying a brand-new car certainly has its benefits. New cars have the very latest safety gear and engineering improvements, not to mention a bumper-to-bumper factory warranty. With a new vehicle, you know what you’re getting; you don’t have to worry about potential service problems or concealed collision damage. Further, you can have your choice of color, trim line, and option level. And financing rates are typically lower than for a used vehicle.

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Is a SUV or sedan better?

This will be determined by your lifestyle and usage. For more heavy-duty hauling, off-road adventures, and driving in extreme weather conditions, you may opt for an SUV. But, if you are to drive within the city and not haul as big as a boat, you are better off with a sedan.

Why are sedans so popular?

Sedans are popular as it is the most recognizable car shape there is. If you ask a kid to draw a car, they are more likely to draw a sedan.

Which one is better: sedan or hatchback?

When it comes to sedans, each “box” represents a compartment in which the cargo, the drivetrain, or the passengers are kept. This means that a sedan has an engine compartment, a truck, and a passenger cabin that all act as their own separate spaces within the vehicle. This lets you keep cargo at the back of the vehicle without it interfering with the interior space of the cabin, thus giving more room to the occupants inside.

Meanwhile, a hatchback in comparison to its sedan counterpart only utilizes a two-box design. This means that the vehicle is divided into two parts, the first being the engine compartment and the second being the interior. It allows for better cargo space to be had with the vehicle but at the sacrifice of interior space. Hatchbacks also allow cargo at the back to be accessed inside the vehicle granting a more versatile setup.