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Purchasing a vehicle for your personal use is tiresome. What more purchasing a vehicle for your business? It is an entirely new ball game especially when you bear in mind that this business decision of yours can influence your entire business.

With a whole lot of things to consider, and a different playing field, your best bet to lessen this burden is to pick a great car dealership that caters to your needs. Choose a car dealership that offers different selections of used and new Commercial Vehicles and a helping hand for business owners alike. Auto Gallery Chevy GMC in LaGrange ticks all the boxes aforementioned.

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What is a Commercial Vehicle?

Commercial Vehicles are vehicles used for commercial or business purposes. A vehicle is considered a commercial vehicle when it is registered to a business. Comes in many shapes and sizes, Commercial vehicles may transport goods or produce, and passengers.

Types of Commercial Vehicle

Commercial trucks


  • Also called 18-wheelers, tractor-trailers, and big rigs.
  • Combination of a tractor unit attached to a trailer or bed using a fifth-wheel connection.
  • Used to haul cargo between distribution and fulfillment hubs

Box trucks

  • Also called straight trucks
  • Look like semi-trucks, but their tractor is directly attached to the trailer without a fifth-wheel connector.
  • Often use them for moving, local deliveries, and hauling large items like furniture and appliances.

Pickup trucks

  • Can transport goods with a trailer and transport tools and equipment for a business
  • Sometimes used for commercial purposes, may be required a commercial driver’s license


Heavy equipment

  • Types of construction, farming, mining equipment and similar heavy vehicles are considered commercial vehicles.

Specialty vehicles

  • The specialty type of commercial vehicle is designed for its specific purpose.
  • Tow trucks, fire trucks, and septic trucks are examples of a specialty type of commercial vehicle.

Commercial cars

  • Just like any other paid rental cars, taxis, and delivery vehicles, these can all be classified as a Commercial Vehicle.
  • Uber and Lyft can be considered as commercial cars.

Buying a Commercial Vehicle: Things to consider

First things first when buying a Commercial Vehicle, make sure to give these things a thought. It will certainly help you make the right vehicle to invest in for your business.

Know Your Cargo

Think about what you will be carrying, or hauling around. Is it construction equipment? Will you be delivering produce? Or, are you transporting passengers? These questions will determine what kind of commercial vehicle you need. The size, budget, power and hauling capacity, and everything in between will be your main consideration.


Acquiring a vehicle for a business is another business expense. So you have to make sure you have invested in the right vehicle to get the bang for your buck. This will heavily influence your business expense, as you want a vehicle strong enough to get the work done, but cheap enough for repairs and the maintenance the vehicle needs.

Just the Right Size

A commercial vehicle’s size will determine its cargo space. Larger vehicles allow more room for deliveries and cargos thus, making it more efficient for deliveries with a lesser number of trips.

Fuel Economy

Another business expense is the vehicle’s fuel. This is another consideration as fuel prices are increasing day by day. Make sure to keep in mind the overall fuel efficiency of the Commercial Vehicle you are eyeing on.

Buying a Commercial Vehicle for your business in LaGrange

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