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Table of Contents:

  1. Signs that your tires need to be replaced
    1. Treadwear
    2. Bubbles and bulges
    3. Vibration
    4. Sidewall cuts/ cracks
    5. Damaged valve caps
    6. Embedded nails or stones
    7. Visible damage
  2. How to select new tires for replacement
  3. Should I replace my spare tire
  4. Tire replacement cost
  5. Tire sensor replacement cost

Car Tire Replacement LaGrange

Car tires call for a replacement for varied reasons; thus, it’s vital to assess your tires and determine whether they need replacements. Visit Auto Gallery Chevrolet Buick GMC tire replacement shop for a thorough diagnosis of your driving needs.

Common tire replacements involve a single tire. All four tires may require replacement if the inflation pressure is maintained and tires are rotated evenly for 5,000 to 7,000 miles. Some instances that will call for tire replacements include;

  • A truck towing heavy load will require tires with a high load rating
  • A vehicle driven in areas with heavy rains will need tires that provide better traction
  • Difficulty stopping and braking
  • Tire blowouts
  • Compromised road grip and worn-out tread traction

Signs That Your Tires Need to Be Replaced

  • Treadwear
  • Bubbles and bulges
  • Vibration
  • Sidewall cut/ cracks
  • Damaged valve caps
  • Embedded stones or stones
  • Visible damage

It’s best to seek aid from professionals regarding tire replacement. Our tire service technicians will conduct a rigorous inspection to guarantee the best possible pair of tires for your driving needs. We help car owners correctly install new tires on their vehicles.

By simply looking keenly, you can figure out when it’s time to replace your vehicle’s tire. You need to know what indicators and sections of tires to look at for accurate tire replacement. Here are some of the signs that will indicate your tires are worn out and require replacement;


The depth of a tire tread is measured in 32nds of an inch. You can use the penny test method or a tread depth gauge to measure a tire’s tread depth.

The penny test: if the tread only touches the top of Abe’s head, or not at all, then you need new tires. If the tread is between the top of the hair and the forehead, then your tires are ok.

  • Worn-out and unsafe tires measure a tread depth of 2/32”
  • New tires integrate a tread depth of 9/32” to 11/32”

Measuring the tread depth is an ideal way to identify when  to replace tires.

Chevy Car Tire Replacement Auto Gallery Chevy Buick GMC LaGrange treadwear

Bubbles and Bulges

Drivers should replace tires with noticeable bubbles and bulges on the sidewall immediately. A bump on a tire indicates that the rigid internal frame is damaged, allowing air pressure to reach the flexible outer layers of the tire. Change tires with bulges and bubbles even if the tread depth is still tremendous.


Unevenly worn-out tires may lead to vibration in the steering wheel whenever you drive. Vibrations can also come about as a result of poor alignment. Thus it’s imperative to contact tire experts to determine the cause of vibrations. Visit us today to check out your car.

Sidewall Cuts/ Cracks

Sidewall cracks are common in old tires. When tires are subjected to varying extreme weather conditions, the rubber material on the tire begins to degrade naturally. Cracking of tires is usually catalyzed by exposure to sunlight, excessive heat, ozone radiation, and road surfactants.

Tires can crack when stored in areas with harsh conditions. Cuts on tires are commonly caused by hitting sharp objects or rocks. Conduct an in-depth inspection of the tires to ensure safety while on the road.

Damaged Valve Caps

Damaged valve caps leak air and allows penetration of dirt, moisture, and other debris into the tire. Too tightened valve caps may lead to threads becoming stripped. Caps with no threads will eventually loosen as you can’t tighten them enough to hold the air pressure. Ensure the caps can be closed and opened easily to ensure the tires are even on the pavements.

Embedded Nails or Stones

If your tires have an object logged in them, it calls for an immediate solution to avoid further damage. Lodged objects weaken the tire and can cause deadly blowouts if not appropriately handled. Objects like nails can cause excessive leaking, which may lead to uneven contact on the road. Drivers can examine embedded objects to deter possible dangers. Our Auto Gallery repair shop will scan for lodged objects and help with the replacement process.

Visible Damage

Some problems associated with the tires can be noticed by looking with eyes. Therefore, you should check your tires often. You will notice abnormal wear patterns resulting from the misalignment of the wheels. Improper inflation pressure could portray possible leakages that need tire replacement. Lastly, the need for a tire rotation could indicate the need for a new tire.

How to Select New Tires for Replacement

Selecting replacement tires is a tedious process that comes after figuring out you need to change your vehicle tires. To determine what replacement tires your vehicle needs, you’ll need to assess your driving habits and the kind of terrains and seasons you’ll drive in. More so, evaluate how well the current tires performed regarding noise, handling, ride, and longevity. Don’t worry; we will guide you through the process.

Match your driving style with the ideal tire type. Here are popular tire categories that are suited to fit different driver’s needs;

  • Highway/ Touring tires: Ideal for trucks and passenger cars traveling on paved roads. They provide great mileage and smooth ride for a long time.
  • Mud terrain tires: They are rougher and noisier tires designed for maximum traction in off-road conditions.
  • Run flat tires: They are built explicitly for driving short distances.
  • All-terrain tires: They are the most versatile tires and are built to provide excellent traction on any road.
  • Snow/ winter tires: They are designed for winter use only. The tires stay flexible in freezing tires.
  • Sport tires: They are wide and designed to provide an excellent balance of style on-pavement driving
  • Summer tires: They integrate zero cold weather traction. They are built with good wet and dry traction performance.

Should I Replace My Spare Tire?

Most people neglect spare tires because they aren’t used much. However, like other tires, spare tires also experience wear or tear; therefore, you must replace them after a certain period. Check on the date of production on the spare to help decide on a replacement.

Spare tire lifespan can be affected by storage conditions. Hence, check for cracks or cuts, as the spare tire is subject to damage by harsh conditions. Other noticeable problems that can lead to the replacement of spare tires include the following;

  • Compromised structural integrity
  • Loss of flexibility and grip
  • Degraded rubber material

Truck Tire Replacement

One of the most common services we provide is truck tire replacement. Over time, tires can wear down due to regular use and can become a safety hazard if not replaced. Our team of experienced technicians is equipped to handle all types of truck tire replacements, including regular tires, as well as specialty tires such as those used for off-roading or heavy-duty hauling. We also offer a wide selection of high-quality tire brands to choose from to ensure you get the best fit for your vehicle and driving needs. Trust us to get you back on the road safely and efficiently.

Car & Truck Tire Replacement Cost

Auto Gallery LaGrange Chevrolet Buick GMC identifies the best tires for your vehicle to meet your driving demands. We have tire experts who help drivers and car owners choose the right vehicle tires. Single standard tire replacement costs approximately $50 to $200 depending on tire type, rubber quality, and brand. This does not include the cost of labor and shop fees.

On average, the replacement tires for SUVs and trucks will be around $350-$750 + the cost of labor and shop fees.

Tire Sensor Replacement Cost

Auto Gallery offers affordable replacement price ranges to all customers. It costs approximately $30 to $75 for tire sensor replacement. Drivers will incur additional labor costs of about $150. You will spend between $200 to $400 for tire sensor replacement.