Serpentine Belt Replacement LaGrange

Auto Gallery LaGrange Serpentine Belt Replacement

A vehicle’s engine contains several mechanical parts that must work together to make it move. One of these parts is called the serpentine belt.

The serpentine belt is a vital part of your vehicle’s engine that is responsible for transferring power to several integral components such as the alternator, cooling system, power steering system, and A/C system.

Like a person, vehicles should also undergo regular maintenance and service checks. Schedule a car service online and head to the nearest Auto Gallery Service Center at 1413 Lagrange Pkwy, where certified and trained technicians will take good care of any vehicle for you.

When to Replace a Serpentine Belt

  • Squealing noise under the hood
  • Deterioration of belt- cracks, chunks missing, worn or shallow grooves
  • Battery light is on
  • Check engine light is on
  • Engine overheating
  • During scheduled maintenance

Serpentine Belt Replacement Cost LaGrange

It’s relatively inexpensive to replace a serpentine belt. Typically, a replacement belt costs around $100 – $200. The serpentine belt itself usually costs between $25 to $80 and an additional $75 to $120 for the labor cost.

The price ranges because some vehicles have easily accessible serpentine belts, while others have complicated ones, thus determining the labor costs.

GMC Sierra Serpentine Belt Replacement

For GMC Sierra 2022 models like:

Serpentine belts for a GMC Sierra are built to last around 60,000 – 100,000 miles, although they can still be damaged over time.

The average cost for the serpentine belt replacement on a GMC Sierra is between $169 – $205 and it takes about 30 minutes to an hour to be replaced.

Chevy Silverado Serpentine Belt Replacement

For Chevy Silverado models like:

Chevy Silverado serpentine belts are built to last around 90,000 miles, but like other belts, they can be damaged over time.

The average cost for the serpentine belt replacement on a Chevy Silverado is between $159 – $171, and it takes about an hour to replace.

Serpentine Belt Repair: Can You Repair It?

As previously stated, the belt is not that expensive. It is better to replace a serpentine belt when it is worn out than risk more components getting damaged, which could increase your bill.

Although the serpentine belt can be relatively easy to replace, unless you have the proper knowledge and tools, always leave repairs to experts for safety’s sake.

Practice taking a cautious approach when dealing with vital parts of the vehicle, as the consequences of not doing so could be costly.

Fan Belt Replacement LaGrange

Fan belts in automobiles were primarily found in vehicles built before the 1990s when serpentine belts were just starting to take off. Fan belts, or V belts, are common in classic cars with a three-belt system where the fan belt is meant to run the coolant fan.

The serpentine belt is just the upgraded version of the fan belt where it is designed to drive power to all accessories in your vehicle instead of needing three.

When to Repair or Replace A Fan Belt?

When the fan belt breaks, the engine is no longer cooled and might cause the engine to overheat. It is best to inspect your fan belt once a month and replace it every 30,000 miles or when it’s damaged.

Fan Belt Replacement Cost

If your vehicle has more than one accessory belt, it is unnecessary to replace all belts, just the one that is damaged. The fan belt, like the serpentine belt, is inexpensive and costs around $8 – $30, adding the labor cost of an additional $40 to $150.

Alternator Belt Replacement & Repair

Like the fan belt, the alternator belt was mostly found in older vehicles designed to have a three-belt system. Along with the fan belt that powered the coolant fan, the alternator belt powered the alternator and, in some, powered the power steering pump.

If the alternator fan is worn out or damaged, the vehicle’s battery won’t stay charged and could stall when the battery is low. It could also cause the power steering to go out, potentially causing an accident.

Alternator Belt Squeal Repair

There are a few reasons why alternator belts squeal. It may be due to the following:

  • Bad belt
  • Belt misalignment
  • Bad belt tensioner

Assess if the alternator belt needs replacement or repair. If the belt is too tight, spraying it with WD40 can stop the noise. If it is persistent, it could be caused by any of the issues listed above. Booking an appointment and having it looked at by a professional is the best recommendation to having your belt fixed.

Cost to Replace An Alternator Belt

The cost of an alternator belt replacement depends on how complicated your alternator belt is to replace. A decent quality alternator belt is around $20 – $40, and labor costs around $75 – $120.


Should I Replace A Noisy Serpentine Belt?

Typically, a noisy serpentine belt is caused by a loose, slipping, or deteriorating serpentine belt. Have your car checked and serviced to know if your serpentine belt should be tightened or replaced to avoid accidents while on the road.

Where Can I Get My Serpentine Belt Replaced?

You can replace your serpentine belt at service centers or at the nearest Auto Gallery Service Center at 1413 Lagrange Pkwy, where certified and trained technicians can do it for you.

How Much Does A Fan Belt Cost?

A fan belt typically costs around $8 – $30.

How Much Does It Cost To Replace A Fan Belt?

Having your fan belt replaced depends on how complicated your fan belt is to replace. The fan belt itself typically costs around $8 – $30, although the labor cost can range from $40 to $150.

How Much Is a Fan Belt Replacement?

A fan belt replacement costs around $50 to $180.

How Much to Replace a Fan Belt?

To replace a fan belt, expect to spend around $50 – $180.

How Much Is An Alternator Belt?

A reasonably quality alternator belt costs around $20 – $40. Labor will add an additional cost ranging from $75- $120.